Thursday, July 18, 2019

Thursday, June 20, 2019

Trouble with laptop screen freezing?

I recently purchased a new laptop as a result of a hard drive crash that occured on my previous one. Due to the fact that I work from home and rely heavily on my personal laptop, I had to purchase a new laptop in short order. In addition, not only was I in a time crunch, I had hardly any money in the bank which meant finding a good deal was of utmost imporance.

After just a few hours perusing a local Fry's Electronics, the knowledgeable and trusting sales rep had me convinced to purchase a floor model LG gram. I was impressed with the high-level specs at such a low price point. The significant discount that I got was obviously due to it being a floor model. Being the frugal consumer that my current financial status forced upon me, I chose not to get the service plan which would have covered any repair/replacement costs.

Lo and behold after a few days of using the laptop, I started experiencing an issue where my screen would freeze up and force me to logoff and back in to resolve. This was highly invasive considering that I conduct web meetings with my clients and logging off during a web meeting forces the meeting to close. This started happening more frequently and was becoming very obtrusive. I decided to take my laptop back to Fry's to see if they could assist in any way and met with their service department for about 30 minutes. They were very friendly, but had no immediate fixes to resolve the issue. They offered to run diagnostics on it which would have cost $70 and would have taken a day or so to perform, but my job requires constant access to my laptop so that wasn't a viable option.

Feeling defeated, I went back home and continued to deal with the issue for another day. In my spare time, I decided to see if Google had any answers to my problem. After a few minutes of researching, I stumbled upon the article Use This Hidden Keyboard Combo To Fix Your Frozen Computer, and voila, I now had a legitimate workaround that would prevent me from having to logoff to resolve the frozen screen. The magic solution involved restarting the video drivers, and this can be easily & quickly done by pressing the key combination Win + Ctrl + Shift + B. This gem of a trick restarts the video drivers within seconds without disrupting any other applications that are running. There are a few limitations with this trick, namely it only works with Windows 8 and 10, and thankfully I am running Windows 10. Thank you MakeUseOf for posting this incredibly helpful workaround to this very intrusive problem!